Friday, January 21, 2011

Ways to Love Where You Live - #4

This one is for all of you cold-weather dwellers!  Shovel or snowblow/plow for a neighbor.  I was blessed to be on the receiving end of this one when we lived in a subdivision neighborhood before we moved to Madison.  It was a year with an inordinate amount of snow.  I think Green Bay received over 100 inches that winter.  It seemed as if we were shoveling every day, sometimes twice each day.  Both my husband and I had injured our backs earlier in the week trying to shovel very wet snow, and we just could not get the driveway cleared, as every time the plow would go by, we would be blocked by about 2-3 feet of hard, heavy snow.  That morning, around 5am, I heard what I thought was the plow go by in the street yet again.  Later that morning, around 8am, I glanced out my front window and noticed that my entire driveway and sidewalk had been PLOWED out.  I was in tears, as I had been perusing the phone book and internet earlier the day before to try to find someone to hire to do this for us. 

Does it seem strange to you that the kindness of a stranger (this was a neighbor we had not yet met) would mean so very much to someone?  Sometimes, I think we have become so disconnected from each other that we forget how very easy it is to touch another person's life.  Take a minute or so to consider a time when someone did something kind for you out of the blue, and hold onto that feeling as a way to continue to remember to Love Where You Live!

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  1. I remember that day. That was a huge blessing. That brings me to something that happened this morning at my Men's Frat Meeting at church. We were discussing predestination (a hard subject to wrap your mind around!) and our views either for it or against it. As I was going thru my beliefs on it, and telling my story as to why, I noticed one of the guys at my table writing down something in his book that he brought. I later noticed it was my name. He was going to pray for me. Talk about feeling loved by another human being for no other reason than being a friend, that really humbled me and lifted me at the same time.