Monday, February 7, 2011

More ways to love where you live

Well, it looks as though I have gotten nicely behind in my posts for 365 Days To Love Where You Live.  Let's get to it!

#5 - Let someone ahead of you in line.  If you're really not in a hurry to get somewhere, this is a pretty simple act.  You would not believe how appreciative people are, especially if you've got a large cart-full of items, and they just have a few.

#6 - Thank someone.  This sounds so simplistic, but it just happened to me the other day, and it is still affecting me!  Go out of your way to thank someone for something that normally would not require a "thank you".  For example, I received an email the other day from a new friend who just wrote to thank me for sharing from my heart at a small group meeting we had.  You would not believe the smile I had for the rest of the day!  It likely took her less than 5 minutes to type, and had lasting effects way beyond those five minutes!

#7 - Smile.  I am often running errands with my children.  This can cause a bit of distress from time to time. :)  I know there has been more than one occassion where I more than likely appeared to be a very surly, crabby mother.  It's always reassuring and gets me refocused when a stranger sees what I'm going through, and smiles kindly.

#8 - Anonymously mail a grocery store gift card to someone you know is struggling financially.  Food is a basic need.  Most of us have never been in a place where we have actually had to go without food.  It's very distressing to not know where your next meal may come from.  Even someone who isn't struggling to this degree would still very much appreciate the temporary relief that a gesture like this would provide.

#9 - Give a married couple with children a restaurant gift card for a night out.  The holidays provide an occassion to do this possibly FREE!  There are many companies that sell their gift cards around the holidays with extra incentives.  For example, last year, I was able to purchase a $50 gift card to my favorite mongolian grill and received a $20 gift card for FREE!  In this example, keep the $50 gift card for yourself, since you would use it anyway, and give the $20 card away to a couple who needs a night out!  Even better, offer to babysit in order to save them the time and cost of finding someone to watch the kids!

#10 - Share a treat with a neighbor.  Do you like to bake?  Sometime when you have the extra time, make an extra batch of cookies, brownies, whatever, to share with a neighbor or friend.  Maybe you know of a single mom who is always running and is short on time and resources who would really appreciate a nice treat for her kids - and herself!  Or, bring that extra batch of deliciousness to work with you to share with your co-workers. 

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